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Personal Folders

Managing Titles

To add a title to your Personal Folders

To move or remove a title from your Personal Folders

  1. Bring up a page that displays the title.
  2. Click the Manage title Tool to bring up the Manage Title Form.

    Manage title form

  3. Select either the Move or Remove radio button:
  4. Click Update.

Manage Personal Folders

Click the Manage personal folders tool to go to the form that will allow you to create, rename, delete, and empty folders, as well as move multiple titles from one folder to another.

  1. Add a folder.
  2. Change the name of the folder.
  3. Select a folder from list by clicking on it.
  4. Remove a title from the folder or remove the folder entirely.
  5. Expand "More Options" to view the contents and move multiple titles.
  6. Confirm desired action and then click "Update" button.

Manage personal folders

Moving Multiple titles from one Folder to another

  1. Click the Manage personal folders tool.
  2. Select a folder in the form.
  3. Click on More Options.

    You'll now view a list of titles residing in your Personal folder. Choose from the drop down list the desired folder and check the box if you want to keep copies in the current folder. Use the checkboxes to the left of the titles to select which ones to move and confirm the action.

  4. Click Update.

Note: Unless you remove them, titles you add to your personal Folders remain for the duration of your subscription except in rare situations when a title is removed from our service. This may occur because a publisher has recalled specific titles from the market, or as a result of our periodic review of content. In the unlikely event that a title you have chosen no longer appears in your Personal Folders, please review the new titles that have been added to the service and consider selecting an alternate.