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Adding the iPhone Icon

Adding a shortcut to the Books24x7 On the Go™ mobile site on your iPhone is very straightforward. Follow the quick steps below to add a Books24x7 button to your home screen for easy one-tap access to Books24x7’s mobile site.

Install the Books24x7 icon on your iPhone

  1. Open a new browser on your iPhone via the Safari link on the bottom row of your Home screen.
  2. Enter the URL you use to gain access to the Books24x7 on the Go mobile site
  3. Once the Books24x7 Mobile Login page appears, hit the + button (iPhone 3 series) or button (iPhone 4 series) at the bottom of the browser page.
  4. Click Add to Home Screen.
  5. You will be asked to accept or rename the label "Books24x7", and you will be able to preview the graphic which will display. Click Add.
  6. The shortcut, which will look just like an App button, will be added to your home screen(s) at the next available spot (it may appear on a second or third screen depending upon how many apps and shortcuts you already have).

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