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What's New with Books24x7?

Platform Refresh: The graphic design of the Books24x7 On Demand Platform has undergone a subtle update, providing a cleaner and more modern appearance for buttons, colors, the Browse Topics pod and more. In addition, the site now adapts to your screen size accordingly, utilizing the full page width and making better use of the full screen real-estate.

Consolidated Tabs: Top-level tabs on the Books24x7 site have been consolidated from four tabs to three. The former Settings tab has been eliminated and combined into the Account Info tab, leaving the My Home, Account Info and Help page tabs.

Related Topic Links: In order to discover groups of related titles for any title in Books24x7, all search results now contain links to the standard topics in which a title is located. Note that related topic links appear only for entitled collections.

Enhanced Personalization Tools: If you have an account with Books24x7 through your library, you will enjoy enhanced functionality, including notes that can be attached at the title or paragraph level, page-level bookmarks, an area to refer quickly to notes and bookmarks, expanded filtering options and an improved manage title window. Please note that depending upon your library’s implementation, you may not have access to these features.