Home Screen

The Home screen displays your learning content and options to filter content.

  1. Navigation menu: Tap Menu Settings menu button, three gray horizontal lines to sign out or to access the Assignments, Popular Channels, My Playlist, Resume Learning, Interests, content Available offline, and Settings screens.
  2. Note: In offline (Airplane) mode, Assignments, Popular Channels, My Playlist, and Interests are not available from the Nav menu.
  3. Search: Discover available content.
  4. My Assignments: A list of your upcoming or overdue assignments, ordered by due date.
  5. Resume Learning: A list of all content that you have started but not completed. If you have not started any content, this list does not display on your Home screen.
  6. My Playlist: Content you added to your Playlist.
  7. Popular Channels: A list of popular content within your organization.
  8. A list of suggested content, based upon your selected areas of interest, is also displayed.