Percipio courses are comprised of a series of videos and supporting resources. You can browse the course content or review a short overview of the course.

  1. Content: The Content tab contains the videos within the course. Videos are shown in a sequential list, and the total course typically presents between 20 and 90 minutes of instructional content.
  2. Overview: The Overview tab displays a brief overview of the course's content, prerequisites, expertise level, PDU training credits, or CPE training credits, if available, course objectives, and the instructor name.
  3. Resources: The Resource tab includes available additional resources for a course. A resource is supplemental content that enhances your learning experience. A Web-based resource (HTML Resource) opens in the main content area, while other external files open in a default application configured on your system (example: Microsoft Excel™). Some resource files may prompt you to download them. Course transcripts are conversions of the videos into a text-based document.
  4. Note: Not all courses have resources. This tab is only available if resources are included with the course.
  5. Earns a Badge/View Badge: The Digital Badge button only displays on eligible digital badge courses. Click the Earns a Badge button to view the digital badge completion criteria, or if you have completed an eligible course, click the View Badge button. The Digital Badge Skillsoft page displays.
  6. Completion status: The Completion status tells you the minimum score necessary for the course to be marked as completed. The visual indicator and your status change as you progress through the course. Available course statuses are:
    • Not started: There is no progress for the content, based on the completion criteria.
    • Started: There is progress for the content, based on the completion criteria.
    • Complete: The completion criteria for the course has been met.
  7. Take Test: Click the Take Test button to open the course test. When you've successfully passed the test based on the completion criteria, the course is marked Completed on your Activity page and on the course's content card.
  8. Course Feedback: Click the Course Feedback button to open the course survey.

    Note: If you do not see a Course Feedback button, your organization may have disabled this feature.