The Percipio Embedded Learning Synchronized Assistant (ELSA) is a browser plug in that provides access to Percipio so you can quickly search for content, answer questions, or solve problems. ELSA is accessible anytime throughout your workday and is embedded within your daily workflow.

You can install ELSA as a browser extension or as a standalone Windows app with an optional browser add-on for Internet Explorer 11.

ELSA Chrome extension

The Chrome extension allows you to highlight text on a web page and quickly search Percipio for learning content. The extension is available from within a Chrome browser and remains attached to the extensions bar. Clicking outside the extension, or closing the browser window, closes the extension.

The Percipio ELSA Chrome extension can be installed into the user's Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store by navigating to the location below and clicking the Add to Chrome button.


Note: The permission is required in order for the Search Assistant function to read the web page and display the "Search in Percipio" popup when the user selects text on the page. This option can be toggled on/off in the ELSA Settings page.

ELSA Windows App and Internet Explorer 11 add-on

Any Microsoft Windows user can use ELSA’s quick search features by installing the Windows App. During installation, you have the option to install an Internet Explorer 11 add-on. The IE 11 add-on enables you to highlight text on a web page in Internet Explorer 11 and quickly search Percipio for learning content.

The Windows App is a typical windows standalone application that you can minimize and move around your screen. The App stays open in the background until you close it. You can use the App without IE 11 to search for content, however you cannot search for content in IE 11 without the App.

Open the Percipio ELSA download page to download the Windows App.