Percipio and Compliance Terminology

Percipio and Compliance Administrator use different terminology for the following shared features.

Demographics and Attributes

In both Compliance Administrator and Percipio, descriptive information is used to further define and categorize your users. In Compliance Administrator, this descriptive information is referred to as demographics. In Percipio, the descriptive information is referred to as attributes.

Demographic Groups and Audiences

In both Compliance and Percipio, groups are a subset of users created to manage content assignments. In Compliance Administrator, groups are referred to as Demographic Groups. In Percipio, groups are referred to as audiences.

Learning Plan and Percipio Compliance page

In Compliance Administrator, content is assigned to a learner's, or audience's Learning Plan. In Percipio, these compliance assignments display on a learner's Percipio Compliance page.

Learning plan assignment and Assignment

In Compliance Administrator, assigned content is often referred to as a learning plan assignment. In Percipio, assigned content is referred to as an assignment.