Security Setup

Security levels determine the type of access your users have to administrative features within Compliance. As a Compliance Administrator, you have control over how many levels of security your organization needs, what level of security a user needs to access each Compliance feature, and what level to assign to each user.

Setting up security levels is a three step process:

  1. Define and label up to 10 security levels, where 10 is the highest level.
  2. Assign the security levels to each feature in Compliance to allow either no access, read-only access, or read/change access.
  3. Edit user information to assign a security level to each user.

About default settings

For organizations new to Percipio Compliance, only your Site Admin can access any of your Compliance features. All three of the above steps must be completed in order to change the default security settings and allow other users to access Compliance features.