Run User Reports

  1. From the menu, select Users, > User Information, and select one of the following from the drop down:
    • Run User Report, Completions Only -- Generates all training completed (including exemptions and equivalencies) by an individual. Date filter is optional and will filter by completion dates.
    • Run User Report, Exemptions and Equivalencies Only -- Generates all training exemptions and equivalencies by an individual. Date filter is optional and will filter by completion dates.
    • Run User Report, Training Status -- Displays required training that is overdue, not started, in progress, and completed. Optional training that has been completed will also be displayed. Optional courses that have a status of "not started" or in "progress" will not be displayed. Date filter is optional, and will filter by Due By dates for training.
    • Training Status, Learning Program
    • Run Learning Plan Assignments by User Report – Displays a summary of the current learning plan assignments for a user.
    • User Report, Email - Run this report to view a list of all emails sent to a user. You can filter by email type and by period of time (e.g. sent in last 7 days). This report will include Email Title, User Name, User ID, User Email Address, date the email was sent and if the email is recurring. Output types available are web browser, PDF, and CSV.
  2. Search for the user(s).

    Optionally, click Get All Users to return all users included in the audiences you own.

    To search for users by name:

    1. In the Search for user by field, type the first letter(s) of the last name.

      Optionally, use the drop-down menu to search by Last Name, or User ID.

      If desired, filter the users by the Status Active, All or Inactive.

    2. Click Find.

      The users are listed under Step 3.

    To search for user by demographic attribute:

    1. Click Search For User By Demographic.

      You may need to reselect the administrative function.

    2. Select a value from a demographic drop-down list.

      Optionally, narrow the list of users displayed by selecting additional values from one or more demographic attributes.

      Note: Users must be assigned all selected demographic values in order to show in the filtered list.

      All users that meet the criteria for that demographic attribute are listed.

      If you expect to see a filter but don't, someone may have excluded it from the list of filters that display because it contained too many values. When a demographic attribute has too many values, the page may not load. To include it:

      1. Go to Audiences then Attributes.
      2. Locate the attribute in the list, unselect the check box in the Exclude from filters list column.
      3. Select Update. The unchecked attribute displays on all pages where you can filter by demographic attribute.

  3. Click the user's name in the list to run the selected report.