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Configure Tab

The Configure tab displays the configuration settings for the SCM. The default values are set during the SCM installation.

Proxy Configuration

If your network uses a proxy server to access course content on the web server, your SCM needs to be configured to access the proxy server. When you attempt to play or download courses before your proxy is configured, you see this message:

Your proxy configuration is incorrect or the content is missing.
Contact your system administrator for assistance.

Note: There are two types of configuration script, .PAC and .INS. The .PAC is a Proxy Auto-Config file which defines how web browsers and other user agents can automatically choose the appropriate proxy server (access method) for fetching a given URL. Whereas, the .INS (Internet Naming Service) locates IP addresses and names of computers on the Internet, often referred to as "name resolution" and translates the IP address into a name that is stored by the Windows Internet Naming Service.

As part of the proxy support, the PAC script is supported by SCM since it relates to the Proxy Configuration in the browser. Since INS and PAC are completely different from each other in their format, SCM is not able to understand the INS script if .INS is used as a Proxy Auto-Config file.



AutoDetect Proxy Configuration

When you first install the SCM, your proxy configuration is automatically detected and configured to work with Skillport or your LMS. The SCM, when launched, will automatically configure the Proxy Host and the Proxy Port.

Manual Proxy Configuration

You can manually configure your proxy settings in order to specify the proxy host and port for the SCM.

Proxy Host

The host name or IP address of the proxy server.

Proxy Port

The port to communicate to the proxy server.

Use Automatic Configuration Script

Select if you are using a Proxy Auto- Config (PAC) file to determine the proxy server you must go through to get to the Skillsoft content.


If you select to use an automatic configuration script, enter the URL of the Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) file.

Note: You can also configure the proxy settings with the SCM Proxy Configuration Utility.

Additional Configuration Options




Enter the URL where results data is to be sent.

Server Root

Enter the URL of the SCM installation on the server where the local SCM should look for newer versions of the SCM.

Enable Log File

Select to enable logging and create the SCM log file. Deselect to disable logging.

Enable Accessibility Support

Select to enable web accessibility options for the SCM.

Enable Course Catalogue View

Select to enable the course catalogue view in the Play and Remove tabs. You can specify the number of levels up to which the course hierarchy should be displayed.

Note: If you have enabled web accessibility and would prefer a flatter course hierarchy, make sure that this option is not selected.

Enable AutoSynchronization with Skillport Course Catalog

Select to automatically synchronize with the LMS course catalog.

Select CD-ROM Drive

If you are playing courses on CD-ROM and have multiple CD-ROM drives, you can use this field to change the drive that the SCM uses to play CD-ROM content.

Once you have set your configuration options, click Save. Click Reset to return the SCM configuration values to their default values.