Web Files

When you upload your web pages to Percipio, you can upload a single HTML file (.html or .htm), or a .zip file that contains files to support your web pages.

Note: If you have any executable file types (for example .exe, .bat, or .com) within your .zip file, those executable file types are not copied to Percipio's servers.

Start/home page

If you upload a .zip file that contains multiple files for a website, Percipio automatically selects a home page to display when your learners launch it. Percipio looks for a root-level .htm or .html file named index, default, or home.

If there is no file with one of those names and extensions, Percipio selects an .htm or .html file in the root folder to act as the home page. If the root folder does not contain an acceptable file, an error displays when you attempt to access it from Percipio.