Multi-site Management

The Multi-site Management option supports those companies that need to have multiple independent Percipio sites (for things like subsidiaries, different branding requirements, different system integrations, or user segregation) with the ability to run aggregate license reports and share content across sites. All independent sites are grouped into one domain where there is a company domain administrator. The menu option, Sites, is where the domain administrator can manage all aspects of the Percipio domain, including:

  • Creating new sites
  • Editing existing sites
  • Running aggregate license consumption reporting
  • Managing content across sites

What is a Percipio domain?

A Percipio domain is a group of multiple, independent Percipio sites owned and operated by one company. You set up the Percipio sites in a hierarchical structure so that you can segment out licenses, run aggregate license reports, and share content.

You assign a site administrator to each Percipio site who can configure and manage the site independent from other sites in the domain. Each site can be set up in its own unique way including:

  • Integrating with different talent or learning systems
  • Enabling single sign-on
  • Implementing Percipio compliance
  • Configuring unique branding
  • Setting up custom content and channels
  • Adding users and creating audiences

Because all individual sites exist within one domain, the domain administrator can do aggregate license reporting across all sites and share content across all sites.

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