Reorder your Banner Promotions

You can have up to five banners display via a carousel at the top of your learners' home page. By default, a new banner or the most-recently edited or resumed banner displays first, followed by the next most-recently edited banner.

To reorder your content banner promotions

    From the Admin menu, select LEARNING > Content Promotions. The Content Promotions page displays with the CONTENT STRIPS tab open by default.
  1. Click the CONTENT BANNER tab. The Content Banner list displays.
  2. Locate the banner you want to display first in the carousel. You can either make an edit or pause and resume it to move it to the top of the list.
  3. From the Actions column, click , then click Pause promotion or Edit.
  4. Either Resume promotion or save your changes. The promotion displays first in the list to your targeted audiences.