Add a User to an Existing Audience

You can add a user to an existing audience. Prior to modifying users, see Important information about audience modification and assignments below.

  1. From the Admin menu, click USERS > Audience Management.
  2. Locate the audience you want modify.
  3. In the ACTIONS column, click > the Edit button, a pencil. The Edit Audience page displays.
  4. In the Audience definition section, click Add individual users. The Add users page displays.
  5. Enter a user name, user email, first name, or last name in the search field. All active users containing the search term(s) display. You cannot add inactive users to new audiences.
  6. Locate the user in the list.
  7. Click .
  8. Repeat for additional users.
  9. Click Add to audience. The Edit Audience page displays with the added user(s).
  10. Click Update Audience.

Important information about audience modification and assignments

Scheduled assignments have a Start Date in the future. When you add a user to an audience with a Scheduled assignment, the assignment displays on the user's Assignment page on the Start Date.

Assignments can be set with either a fixed due date or a number of days to complete.

If you choose a fixed due date, everyone in the assigned audience must complete the assignment on that date no matter when they get added to the audience.

If you choose a number of days to complete, then whenever a user gets added to an assigned audience, they have that many days to complete it. The completion date could be different for different users depending on when they received the assignment.

An assignment has the Number of days to complete set to 30 and a Start Date of September 1.
Jane Doe was part of the original audience, so the assignment started for her on September 1st. Jane's due date is September 30th.
John Doe was added to the audience on September 4th, four days after the assignment's Start Date. John's due date is four days later, on October 4th.