Custom Content File Types

You can upload, manage, and publish up to 200 GB of your standards-based and single-file content within Percipio.

Note: Learners cannot restart custom courses you add to Percipio


Depending on your contract, your organization has a certain amount of free storage for storing standards-based packages (such as SCORM and AICC) and single files (such as .pdf and .doc).

Additional fees apply when your total file storage exceeds this amount. For questions regarding these fees, additional storage, or your overall contract, contact your Skillsoft representative.

When you upload a .zip file (containing either standards-based content or web files), the .zip file itself must be 2 GB or less. However, when Percipio unpacks the .zip file, each file within the zip has its own size (in KB or GB). The total amount of storage used once all files within the .zip file are uploaded into Percipio varies based on the total file size of the unpacked files.

File types

Percipio accepts many types of files for custom content. Depending on the file type, you must select the appropriate category first. Review each category below to understand what file types it accepts.