Send a Reminder Email

Site Admins can send a reminder email for any assignment, for any audience or learner, in Percipio. Learning Admins can send a reminder email to their audiences and the learners within their audiences for any assignment they created.

As a Site or Learning Admin, you can send a reminder email to all users that have not yet completed an assignment.

To send an immediate email for an assignment:

Why send this email?
Your learners received the assignment email on the assignment's Start date, and you want to send another assignment email as a reminder for them to complete the assignment.
  1. From the Admin menu, select LEARNING > Assignments. The Assignments page displays.
  2. Locate the assignment for which you want to send a reminder email.
  1. Click > Email.
  2. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes.
  3. The email is sent immediately to all learners who have not yet completed the assignment.