My Achievements

Learners can get insights about their achievements, goals, and other activity in Percipio from their My Achievements.

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Get to know My Achievements

The My Achievement page provides the following information:

  • Goals & streaks: This section provides information if you set a learning goal. If you did not set a learning goal, there is the option to set one. With a learning goal set, you see:
    • The total amount of learning time you have spent toward your overall goal for the week starting on Sunday, 12:00 a.m. UTC. Content that is tracked for your goal includes: courses, videos, books, audio books, book summaries, audio summaries, live events, labs, TestPreps, custom MP3 and MP4, and Wintellect.
    • A link to change your goal: Edit your goal with more or fewer minutes to better fit your schedule.
    • Current streak: The number of weeks in a row that you achieved your learning goal.
    • Best streak: Of all the streaks you have, the one that contains the most number of weeks in a row where you completed your learning goal.

  • Achievements: This section shows the number of badges and certificates you earned. It also shows the total number of content items you completed in Percipio. If you are on the Percipio mobile app and want additional information, you can select each item.

  • Learning days: This section highlights the days in the selected month where you launched a piece of content in Percipio.

  • Learning days trend: This section shows how many days you spent learning in each of the last four months.