Sign into Percipio using login name, SSO, or email address

To sign into Percipio, ELSA, or the app you must have:

  • Your Percipio site name: Typically the name of your organization. Your site name is in the Welcome email you received from your team if your user account has an email address associated with it and your organization enabled welcome emails.
  • An active user account: Depending on how your organization configures Percipio, you can use either your:
    • Network credentials (use if your organization configured Percipio for single sign-on, or SSO)
    • Login name
    • Email address (use if you organization added your email address to your user account)

Select the button below to get started.

Sign into Percipio

You have multiple entry points into Percipio.

Change your Percipio site

If you have access to more than one Percipio site, you can connect ELSA to the site of your choice.

  1. In the Percipio ELSA App or in the browser extension, click Settings button, solid black gear.
  2. Click Sign out.

    The Let's Get Started page opens.

  3. Click Back to site name.
  4. Enter the Site Name. Check site name validity.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter your corporate or Percipio credentials to log in.