Career Journeys

Career Journeys are bundles of specially curated Aspire Journeys that contain additional content items ensuring each learner can retain and apply their new skills on the job. Some Career Journeys might have live courses, labs, and mentors, others might have test preps and projects, all have instructional variety and reporting to provide a scalable way to upskill your employees in specific areas. You can purchase a Career Journey as an add-on for an additional fee and then license it to a specific group of users.

If your company purchased and licensed a Career Journey for you:

  1. Locate the Career Journey. You can find it in one of two ways: 
    • Search on Career Journey: From the search results, select Explore in the Career Journey banner or select the link to the Career Journey from an asset's card.

    • Browse the library for Career Journeys.

  2. Review the home page of a Career Journey so you can decide where to start. You see:
    • What to expect: a summary of learning methods contained in that Career Journey that make it unique.
    • Certifications you can prepare for: a list of certifications that you can prepare for using the content within the Career Journey if the Career Journey supports certification training.
    • About this Career Journey: a description of what you can do with this Career Journey.
    • Sections: a view of how the career journey is segmented so you can choose your individual path. Sections will vary for each journey.
    • Select the Aspire Journey that best meets your career goals, then follow its learning path.