Support and Customer Responsibilities

In order to best service our customers, Support agrees to:

  • Be the initial point of contact for all service requests from Skillsoft Customers (except partner accounts)
  • Provide all level 1, 2 and 3 troubleshooting requirements
  • At the time of customer contact, obtain the knowledge of a customer’s specific support handling instructions (Reference Notes) if these have been provided. In the absence of specific customer handling instructions Support will assume that the customer’s deployment takes on generic functionality and meets standards as documented in product manuals and Technical Requirements documentation.
  • Interact with the end user when required to test and confirm issue resolution.
  • Escalate issues to Engineering, Operations, Hosting or Account Teams when appropriate.
  • Log and track all service requests.
  • When requested by the customer through the Customer Success Manager, create reports on all phone, email, and chat requests made to Support to include:
    • Company Name
    • Customer Name (individual submitting support case)
    • Case Number
    • Summary of Issue
    • Error Category
    • Case Status
    • Case Type
    • Case Severity
    • Case Priority
    • Date Created
    • Date of Last Update
    • Solution of issue (upon case closure)

In order to get your problem solved in the quickest way, we ask that our customers:

  • Comply with all Skillsoft product requirements.
  • Submit appropriate issue details to begin the troubleshooting process.
  • Provide feedback on troubleshooting steps.
  • Provide Skillsoft support representative(s) with generated case numbers for all contacts regarding reported user issues.
  • Who may require non-standard support processes, work directly with their Skillsoft Customer Success Manager to create "Company Specific Reference Notes". A link to these Reference notes will be automatically presented to the Skillsoft support agent once the Company name has been populated within the relevant case.