Configure SuccessFactors Learning References for Skillsoft Content

SuccessFactors allows administrators to define the Learning References used to help learners find and complete content. These references are imported with each content item. The Percipio connector sends the following references with its content in the Item Data Connector file:

  • Delivery Method
  • Item Types
  • Completion Status
  • Source

To ensure the Learning References are configured properly in your SuccessFactors instance for Skillsoft content, please follow the steps below. If you choose values other than those recommended, please inform your Skillsoft Technical team so that they can update the Item Data Connector file export accordingly.

For more information or questions on SAP SuccessFactors Learning References, please see SAP Help Portal or inquire with SAP support.

You can either bulk import the Learning References for Delivery Methods, Item Types, Completion Statuses, and Learning Sources, or configure them manually.

Bulk Import Learning References

To bulk import the Learning References, you use a scheduled import with the SuccessFactors' Import Data function. If you configured SuccessFactors for other Percipio libraries, the Delivery Methods may already be configured. Steps on how to search for existing Delivery Methods are outlined in the Manual configuration section.

Manual configuration

Follow the steps below to manually create delivery methods, item types, completion statuses and learning source.