Import Content Metadata

Schedule the SuccessFactors Item connector to import the content metadata file into SuccessFactors.

Note: Prior to performing the steps below, Skillsoft must configure the content discovery schedule. For assistance, contact Skillsoft Support.
  1. From the Learning Administration menu, select System Administration > Connectors > Item Connector .
  2. To verify the SFTP server is configured correctly, select Test FTP Connection towards the top of the page. All tests should say Passed.
  3.  Work with your Skillsoft Technical team to agree on what time and how often the item data file will be imported. Skillsoft recommends a daily import.
  4. Scroll down to the Schedule section, if an import is not scheduled, input Frequency, Time of Day, and Time Zone.
  5. Select Apply Changes.

  6. Select View Results to verify that the file has successfully been imported.