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SkillPort User Interface

The SkillPort user interface is designed to provide quick and easy access to available learning resources and your personalized plan.

SkillPort home page showing a user's My Plan

There are five main areas of the user interface:

  • Top toolbar: Provides links for updating your profile, accessing Help, and logging out.
  • Top links: Provides links for accessing the SkillPort home page and, if enabled, Books24x7. Your SkillPort site might also contain custom links to access other sites.
  • SEARCH&LEARN™ panel: Allows you to search the SkillPort catalog and the Books24x7 concurrently for learning assets, such as courses, books, and exams. For more information, see Use SEARCH&LEARN.
  • Left navigation panel: Provides one-click access to the following:




    Additional, optional learning resources, such as Credentials and KnowledgeCenters

  • Contents panel: Displays information based on your current selection in the left navigation panel.