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Register Yourself

If your SkillPort site has been configured to support it, you can register yourself for the site. The self-registration process gathers basic information about you and then creates your user account. Once you are registered, your individual learner record is maintained within SkillPort. Depending on the requirements of your SkillPort site, your SkillPort administrator might need to approve your registration before you are able to log in.

If self-registration is not available on your SkillPort site, contact your training manager or system administrator to find out how you can register.

To register yourself for SkillPort

  1. On the SkillPort login page, click Register.
  2. On the New User Registration page, enter your information in the fields provided.

    Refer to the following table for information on acceptable characters for each field. Note that all fields except Org Code are required.


    Accepted Characters

    First Name,
    Last Name

    All Latin-1 and double-byte characters are accepted.

    Org Code


    Capital letters are accepted.

    Email Address

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 - _ . * ^ + = @ '

    Capital letters are accepted.

    User ID


    A user ID (user name) cannot start with an apostrophe (') or a dash (-).

    Non-breaking white spaces (space, tab, and newline) and multi-byte characters (for example, Japanese or Chinese characters) are not allowed.

    All user IDs are converted to lower case, then validated, and finally saved in lower case if valid.


    All single-byte characters are accepted except the following: plus (+), double quote ("), and back slash (\).

    Non-breaking whitespaces (space, tab, newline), multi-byte characters (for example, Japanese or Chinese characters), and blank passwords are not allowed.

    Note: SkillPort administrators can opt to enforce strong passwords by specifying password requirements, such as a specific password length, use of special characters, and the number of days before which the password expires.

  3. Depending on the configuration of your SkillPort site, you might also need to select a security question and enter a corresponding answer.

    This information allows you to retrieve your user ID or reset your password if you later forget it.

  4. Click Submit.