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Browse Curricula for Credentials

To browse credentialing curricula

  1. On the navigation panel, click Credentials.

    The Credentials page appears, which lists all of the credentials offered by your organization. Each credential has a corresponding catalog that contains courses for which you can received credit towards the credential.

    Credentials page in Learner interface that lists all active credentials

    You can click the column header for Credential Title or Board Name to sort by that column and change the sort order from ascending to descending, or vice versa.

  2. Click Show Catalog beside the credential for which you want to view curricula.
  3. Navigate down into the catalog structure to a curricula folder that contains learning assets of interest to you, and expand the folder.
  4. To view more information about an asset, move your mouse over the title, and click the Show Details link that appears.

    Curricula for a PMI credential

  5. From this point, you can perform many actions on the asset. For example:
    • To add the asset to MY PLAN, click Icon for adding an asset to MY PLAN.
    • To open or start the asset, click the Launch link or Icon for asset launch.

      Note: Once you begin a course for a credential, you must complete the course within a year. If you do not, you cannot receive credit for the course.

    • To download the asset, click Icon for course download.
    • To open related content, such as a Job Aid or SkillBrief that is listed in the asset's details, click that item.

    The specific actions available to you can depend on the type of learning asset and the configuration of your site. For example, you might be able to download courses and SkillSims.