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Add a Learning Asset to MY PLAN

Note: Depending on the configuration of your site, one or more of the features described in this topic might not be available.

You (and your manager or training administrator) can add learning assets to MY PLAN. Typically, you do so to address specific development goals, but you can also add assets to your plan just to keep track of those that you access frequently.

You cannot add an asset to MY PLAN if your manager or training administrator has already added that asset for you. However, your manager or administrator can add an asset that you have already added. In this case, the existing asset is simply moved to the Assigned folder in your MY PLAN, and any progress you have made on the asset is retained.

You can set up an email reminder for any asset in your MY PLAN, whether it was self-assigned or administrator-assigned. This can assist you in completing the asset on time. However, be aware that an administrator can force a reminder (and override yours if you have set one up) for administrator-assigned assets.

Note: You can add the following to MY PLAN: a complete learning asset (such as a full course or Book), a topic within a CCA course, and an entire curricula folder from the Catalog.

To add a complete learning asset to MY PLAN

To add a specific Course Topic to MY PLAN

To add an entire curricula folder to MY PLAN