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Reorder Assets and Folders

Within the Personal folder in MY PLAN or within any of its custom, child folders, you can change the order of assets and folders. You can also move assets from one child folder to another child folder (or to the Personal folder).

Within the Development Plan and Assigned folders, manager-assigned assets are shown first, followed by the user-added asset. This order cannot be changed.

The one exception to the aforementioned is a curriculum folder that you have added in full directly from the CATALOG. Because this is a folder taken directly from the CATALOG, its contents are locked. You cannot change the order of the assets contained therein, nor can you move assets into or out of the curriculum folder.

To reorder the assets and folders in the Personal folder in MY PLAN

  1. Click MY PLAN on the navigation panel.
  2. Navigate to the asset or folder that you want to move, select it, and then drag and drop it to a new location.