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Evaluate a Learning Asset

Some learning assets, such as courses and learning programs, can have associated evaluation forms that allow you to provide feedback about your experience. In some cases, courses that you take as part of a credential require that you complete an evaluation in order to receive credit for the course.

If you complete an asset that has an associated evaluation, an evaluation is automatically added to the Evaluations folder in MY PLAN. (Evaluations for learning programs and Live Learning courses are only added after the entire program or course is completed.) After you complete the evaluation, it is then automatically removed from MY PLAN.

If the evaluation is optional, you do not have to complete it, and you can remove it from MY PLAN at any time.

If the evaluation is required, you can only remove it from MY PLAN by completing it. As a reminder, the application will prompt you to complete the required evaluation every time you log in.

To evaluate a learning asset

  1. Display the title of the completed asset by doing one of the following:
    • Click MY PLAN on the navigation panel.
    • Click MY PROGRESS on the navigation panel.
    • If you completed a course as part of a credential (if credentials are enabled on your site), click Credentials on the navigation panel, and then click the report link associated with the credential that you are pursuing. Then, for View, selected Completed, and for Type, select Courses.

      If the course is part of a credential, you must access the evaluation in this way in order to access the credential-specific evaluation for the course.

  2. Click Icon for course evaluation beside the asset.
  3. Complete the evaluation form.

    Note: In order to submit the evaluation, you must complete all of the required questions.

  4. Click Submit.