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Print a Certificate of Completion

When you complete a learning asset (for example, a course or an entire learning program), you can print a certificate of completion. If you completed a course in pursuit of a credential, then depending on the credential's requirements, you might be required to complete a course evaluation before you can print a certificate of completion.

Note: Completion certificates are an optional feature and may not be enabled on your system.

To print a certificate of completion

  1. Do one of the following:
    • If the course is not for a credential, click MY PROGRESS on the navigation panel on the left.
    • If the course is for a credential, click Credentials on the navigation panel on the left, and then click Show Progress beside the appropriate credential.

      Note: If you want to print a certificate for a course that you have taken as part of a credential, it is important to print it from the Credentials area of SkillPort. A certificate printed from this area has important information related to the credential, such as the type of credit (for example, PDU or CPE), the number of credits, and appropriate logos and contact information. A standard certificate printed from MY PROGRESS does not have this information.

  2. Click the Completed tab.

    Or, if your organization has imported progress data for assets that you have completed in other learning management systems, click the Imported tab.

  3. In the Controls column (or the Actions column if you are within the Credentials area), click Icon for printing a certificate of comple beside the learning asset for which you want to print a certificate.
  4. In the menu in the browser window that displays the certificate, click File | Print.
  5. In the Print dialog, click Print.