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Learning Asset Icons

The following table lists the learning assets that may be available to you and identifies their associated icons. For a description of each type of asset, see Types of Learning Assets.


Learning Asset

Analyst Perspective learning asset

Analyst Perspective

Icon for Business Exploration Series asset

Business Exploration Series (a KnowledgeCenter)

Note that Business Exploration Series content includes two types of assets:

  • Icon for Business Impact Series asset Business Impact Series
  • Icon for Challenge Series asset Challenge Series

Icon for course asset


Icon for course topic asset

Course Topic

Icon for course evaluation


Icon for custom content

Custom Content

Icon for Dialogue session asset

Dialogue Session

Executive Book Summary learning asset

Executive Book Summary (ExecSummary)

Executive Blueprint learning asset

Executive Blueprint

Icon for express guide asset

Express Guide

Icon for final exam asset

Final Exam

Icon for instructor-led training (ILT) asset

Instructor Led Training (ILT) Course

ILT physical session icon

ILT Physical Session

ILT virtual session icon

ILT Virtual Session

Icon for job aid asset

Job Aid

Icon representing Learning Sparks asset

Learning Spark

Icon for KnowledgeCenter asset

Knowledge Center

Icon representing a SkillSoft Leadership Advantage asset

SkillSoft Advantage

Icon for learning program asset

Learning Program

Icon for Live Learning course

Live Learning Course


Note that the following related Live Learning assets are available through a Live Learning course:

Icon for Live Learning class Live Learning Expert Live sessions

Icon for Live Learning Expert Encore session Live Learning Expert Encore sessions

Icon for Live Learning class notes Live Learning class notes

Icon for Live Learning printable student guide Live Learning student guide

Icon for Live Learning lab Live Learning lab

Icon for Live Learning mentoring Live Learning mentor

Icon for Live Learning pre-test Live Learning pre-test

Icon for Live Learning practice exam Live Learning practice exam

Icon for Live Learning post-test Live Learning post-test

Icon for mentoring asset


Icon for practice lab asset

Practice Lab

Icon for project asset


Icon for book asset


Icon for SkillSim asset


Icon for SkillBrief asset


Icon for test prep exam asset


video learning asset