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Join a Live Learning Session

After you enroll in a Live Learning course, you can access all of the learning assets associated with the course, and you can join one of its scheduled Expert Live sessions.

Note: If you have difficulty printing a Live Learning student guide, refer to the Live Learning troubleshooting topic in the Support Knowledge Base for assistance.

To join a Live Learning session

  1. Access the course summary page for the Live Learning course in which you have enrolled, and expand the list of associated Live Learning assets as shown in the following example.

    Sample Live Learning assets

  2. Move your mouse over the Expert Live session that you want to join, and click the Show Details link that appears.

    Show Details link on a LLC session

    Note: A Join link is displayed beside a session if the session is in progress or starts in 45 minutes or less.

  3. Click the Join link that corresponds to the session that you want to join.

    Sample Expert Live session

    The Expert Live session is launched.

  4. In the Participant Login screen, enter your name and email address, and click Log In.
  5. Click OK to join the audio session.

    The virtual classroom window is displayed.

  6. Click Audio on the toolbar to enable streaming audio.
  7. Click Join Audio Session.

    Note: Live Learning uses one-way (broadcast) audio only.

    You can now hear the Expert Live session (streaming audio is enabled), provided your speaker or headphones are not muted.