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Courses That Apply to Credentials

Depending on the credential's requirements, you might be required to complete a course evaluation in order to receive credit for the course. For example, this is the case for NASBA courses.

When you access and complete a course evaluation for a course that is a part of a credential, it's important that you do so through the Credentials area of the site. You can only complete a credential-specific course evaluation (and subsequently generate a credential-specific certificate) in this area. A course evaluation that you might access elsewhere on the site for the same course is a standard evaluation, not a credential-specific one.

Note: If you want to view your progress on a course, be sure to do so within the Credentials area of the site, as described in View a Credentialing Progress Report. This progress report applies credential-specific completion criteria when determining progress. In contrast, My Progress applies company-specific completion criteria.