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Default View

Default View settings allow you to set the default document (access page) and default view that is displayed when a user logs in to Skillport.

  1. Click Display | Default View on the navigation bar.
  2. Configure the settings as needed:



    Default Document - URL

    This is the default URL a user accesses when attempting to log in to Skillport. The default is the main Skillport login page. The path can be a relative or an absolute URL. For more information on the valid format for absolute and relative paths, see Working with Hyperlinks.

    Default View - Name

    The initial view shown to the user immediately after he or she logs in to Skillport. See Navigation Links for details on working with views.

    Valid choices are

    • Home
    • Catalog
    • My Plan
    • My Progress

    Note: Selecting a choice other than “Home” does not affect the home page. The Skillport home page still exists. Changing this value simply modifies the default landing page after logging in.

  3. Click Update.