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Create a Group Manually

If you are a user with a Company Administrator role, you can create groups.

To create a group manually

  1. Click Users & Groups > New Group on the navigation bar.

    The New Group dialog box appears.

  2. Enter the information for the new group:
    • Name: The name of the group. Group names are limited to 240 characters.
    • Org Code: The organizational code for the group.

      This code uniquely identifies the group in the system, because the group name does not have to be unique. If you do not specify an organizational code, the system assigns one automatically using the format org_<number>, for example, org_18. However, you can change the org code at any time.

      Note: Org codes are limited to 240 characters. You can use the following characters:
      _ (underscore)
      - (hyphen)
      all Latin-1 characters that correspond to the following codes: #161 through #255, inclusive

    • Display on Registration Page: Select this check box to make the group available as an option on the self-registration page.
    • Group Type: Depending on the configuration of your site, you may be able to select from one or more of the following: normal (organizational), assignment, and advanced.

    By default, the new group will inherit the content assignments of its parent group. However, the default is to create the new group at the top-level of the group hierarchy.

  3. To change the parent group for the new group:
    1. Click the Edit link next to Parent Group.

      The Select Group dialog box displays:

      UI for selecting a parent group for a group

    2. In Group View, select the parent group.

      You can also search for a group by Group Name and/or Org Code. If needed, you can enter an asterisk (*) as a wild card that represents one or more characters.

    3. Click OK.
  4. Click Save.