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The Books24x7 settings control access to the Books24x7 content. Use this page to manage subscription information.

Note: The Books24x7 link only appears in the navigation menu if you have installed the Books24x7 add-on module.

Subscription Capacity

This section of the page provides details on the status your organization's Books24x7 subscription. The table shows the number of seats per collection reported by the Books24x7 site to the Skillport LMS:

  • Total: The number of seats available for each collection.
  • Taken: The number of seats already assigned for each collection.
  • Free: The number of open seats for each collection.

Subscription Structure

This section of the page provides details on the status of a company's Books24x7 subscription. The table shows data reported by both Books24x7 and Skillport:

  • Collections: The names of the collections included in the subscription.
  • Total: The number seats allocated to the collection.
  • Taken: The number of seats occupied by learners.
  • Free: The numbers of seats available in the collection.

Subscription Updates

At the bottom of the page, you can update your subscriptions.

  • Import Subscription Changes: Click to import information from Books24x7:
    • Subscription Capacity: The total number of seats for the Books24x7 subscription.
    • Subscription Structure: The total number of seats, organized by Collection name.
  • Import Users: Click to synchronize user registration information between Books24x7 and Skillport. The user registration data stored in the Skillport database is replaced with the new data imported from Books24x7.
  • Release Seats: Some administrative actions (for example, deleting users, deactivating users, moving users and groups, or editing Books24x7 collection assignments) can change the list of collections visible to users. However, some of the users may still be registered on the Books24x7 service. Click this button to un-register users from the Books24x7 service and release the taken seats.

    Note: Removing, deleting, or reassigning Books24x7 collection assignments is prohibited under terms of your corporate license agreements except under specific conditions. Contact your Skillsoft representative to verify license terms before making any changes.