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Web Site Switches

Web site switches are settings that allow you to enable or disable certain features of Skillport.

Note: If you need to change these settings after the release of the site, please consult your Skillsoft representative.

To configure web site switches

  1. Click Configuration > Web Site Switches on the navigation bar.
  2. Configure the settings as needed:



    Show PalmLink

    Displays the Save for download to my Palm™ link at the top of SkillBriefs pages. The SkillBrief PDB-formatted content is copied from the /sb directory on the CD-ROM Skillsoft provided you to Skillsoft/web/sb/pdb.

    Enable LP Enrollment/Withdrawal Emails

    Allows administrators to choose to email learners when they enroll or withdraw them from learning programs.

    Select Yes to show the email-related prompts when enrolling and withdrawing users.

    Prompt asking the administrator if she wants to send an email

    Alternatively, to hide these prompts, select No.

    Note: This setting has no effect unless you also activate the learning program-related emails in the Notification Management UI, specifically, those for the "Learning Program Enrollment" event and the "Learner Withdrawal" event.

    In other words—in contrast to how the Allow My Plan Reminders switch works—in order for these email-related prompts to be displayed, you must 1) set this switch to Yes, and 2) activate the corresponding events.

    Enable Credentials

    Enables or disables the Credentials module.

    Enable Forced Restart

    Affects all instances of the following 2 types of assets, both of which can be "restarted":

    If your site supports either or both of these types of assets, you can set this switch as follows:

    • If you select No, the learner can launch a completed asset from the Completed tab in My Progress, at which point the learner is prompted to choose whether to "restart" or "continue" the asset.
    • If you select Yes, the learner can still launch a completed asset from the Completed tab, but this automatically creates a new record on the In Progress tab to count as the next completion. The learner is not given the option to "continue" (re-enter) the last completion.

    Important: When the Recurrence feature is enabled and the Forced Restart web site switch is on (set to yes) a new record is created each time a learner restarts a completed course (that is marked as recurring). The new record displays in the learner's MY PROGRESS page and in all associated SkillPort reports. Skillsoft does not recommend this; instead, we suggest using only one of these options to avoid a learner unintentionally creating a new record.

    For more information on restarting assets, see Assets That Learners Can Restart.

    Enable My Progress View Duration Fields

    Enables or disables the display of the Actual Duration field and Expected Duration field in MY PROGRESS. See Actual Duration Tracking by Asset Type for more information about which assets track actual duration in MY PROGRESS.

  3. Click Submit Form.