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SkillPort Administrator

An administrator's privileges are determined by his role. Skillport has several different roles available. For more information, see User Roles and User Privileges by Role.

If you are an administrator or manager, you can access Skillport Administrator by clicking Admin in the upper-right corner of the Skillport home page.

From the Administrator home page, you can access the following options on the navigation bar:

  • Users & Groups: Create and manage users and groups.
  • Content: Create and manage the Skillport Library, learning programs, evaluations, and credentials.
  • Display: Use this area to customize the Skillport user interface.
  • Configuration: Use this area to configure system settings.
  • Reports: Use this area to run reports.

From any of these areas, you can select:

  • Admin Home to return to the Administrator home page.
  • Exit to Skillport to return to the Skillport interface for end users.

Help for instructions on how to use Skillport Administrator.