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Global Colors

You can select colors for the global user interface elements identified in the following images. Refer to the following key for the corresponding settings on the Web Site Colors administration page.

Setting Names on Web Site Colors Page

  1. Global Background
  2. Global Banner
  3. Global Banner Graphic Padding
  4. Global Frame Border
  5. Global Frame Border Text
  6. Global Frame Button
  7. Global Frame Button Hover
  8. Global Frame Button Text
  9. Global Button Background
  10. Global Button Hover
  11. Global Button Text
  12. Global Asset Hover Bar
  13. Global Link
  14. Global Link Hover
  15. Asset Selected

Home Page

Home page showing color-customizable global elements

Catalog (View 1)

Catalog view showing color-customizable colors

Catalog (View 2)

Catalog view showing color-customizable colors

Example Dialog Box

Example dialog showing color-customizable elements

Search Results Page

Search Results page showing color-customizable elements