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Login Colors

You can select colors for the login elements identified in the images shown later in this topic. Refer to the following key for the corresponding settings on the Web Site Colors administration page.

Setting Names on Web Site Colors Page

  1. Login Web Access Text
  2. Login Link
  3. Login Link Hover
  4. Login Banner
  5. Login Copyright
  6. Login Button Background
  7. Login Button Hover
  8. Login Button Text
  9. Login Frame
  10. Login Frame Text
  11. Login Background
  12. Login Sub-Page Button Background
  13. Login Sub-Page Button Hover
  14. Login Sub-Page Button Text

Login Colors and Advanced Groups

The colors that you specify in the Login Colors section apply to pages that are displayed before a user logs into Skillport, for example, the login page or the new user registration page. Because Skillport has not yet identified the user at these points, membership in an advanced group cannot be determined and, therefore, company colors are used as login colors. For this reason, you can only configure login colors for the company, and not for a specific advanced group.

Login Page

Login page showing color-customizable options

New User Registration Page

New User Registration page showing color-customizable elements