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Use a Web-Accessible SEARCH&LEARN

You can search your site for learning content using the SEARCH&LEARN panel. As you do so, be aware of the following:

  • A search for assets in the TestPreps category returns both test preps and final exams.
  • You cannot search for practice labs or projects directly. You can find these by performing a search for a KnowledgeCenter that includes them.

To use SEARCH&LEARN to search for content

  1. In the SEARCH&LEARN panel at the top of the page, enter a keyword or phrase in the Search box as shown.

    SEARCH&LEARN panel

    Note: A search expression can be a single word, a single phrase, or groups of words or phrases connected by "and", "or", or "not" (Boolean operators). Phrases are groups of words enclosed in quotation marks.

  2. In the Category list, select a learning asset category, or select All to search all content categories.
  3. If content in more than one language is available to you, in the Language list, select the language for which available content should be retrieved.
  4. Click Search.

    The search results appear below the SEARCH&LEARN panel. If you searched all categories for content, the results are grouped by category. The results are ordered according to relevance, as indicated by a thermometer icon ( Icon indicating medium-to-high relevancy of an asset in the search results ).

    search results from Search and Learn in web-accessible mode

  5. Examine the search results by doing the following:
    • To view more information about an asset, select its title.

      From this point, you can perform many actions on the asset. For example, you can select the View in Catalog button to view the location (or locations) in the CATALOG in which you can find the asset. As another example, you can select Icon for adding an asset to MY PLAN to add the asset to MY PLAN. The specific actions available to you can depend on the type of learning asset and the configuration of your site. For example, you might be able to download courses.

    • To see more search results for a particular content category if you searched all categories, select the View More link for that category, such as View More Books.

    You can also launch an asset (for example, open a book or start a course) by moving your mouse over the title, and clicking Icon for asset launch (Launch <asset name>).

  6. (Optional) To refine your search results further, enter a keyword in the Search within results box (shown in the preceding image), and select Search.

    You can return to a parent search by selecting the appropriate link at the top of the search results, as shown in the following image.

    Search results page showing breadcrumb trail that can be used when searching within results