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In the Skillport Catalog that is displayed to learners, an individual curriculum consists of learning assets that satisfy a specific course of study. Curricula are displayed in an expandable tree hierarchy, organized into folders in the Catalog. A folder can contain any number of child folders and learning assets.

As a Skillport user with an administrator or manager role, you can use the Catalog Manager to modify the Catalog by adding content and reorganizing its structure.

Catalog Manager main page

The Catalog Manager has three main areas:

  • Search panel: Use this panel at the top to specify the search criteria when you search for folders and assets. (For more information on this search tool, see Search for Assets and Folders.)
  • View Contents pane: Use this left pane to browse the Catalog in its current state or to browse the results of a search. For convenience, you can also use this pane to quickly rename or remove custom folders.
  • Edit Contents pane: Use this right pane to edit the contents of a folder, that is, to add or remove learning assets; to create, rename, remove, or reorganize the contents a folder; or to create, edit, or delete an external learning object (ELO).

Note: A user cannot see any stock or custom content in the Catalog until you assign it to him or her directly or to a group of which he or she is a member. To access the interface with which to assign content to groups and individual users, click Users & Groups | User Management on the navigation bar.

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External Learning Objects (ELOs)