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View Current Enrollments

To view the current enrollments for a learning program or Live Learning course (LLC)

  1. Click Users & Groups | Enrollments and Waivers on the navigation bar.

    The Manage Enrollments and Waivers page appears, which lists all of the learning programs and Live Learning courses available on your site. To view the details of a program or course, click Plus sign that the administrator clicks to show the details of a learning program (plus sign). To sort by a specific column, select it. To change the sort order, select it again.

  2. Select the learning program or Live Learning course for which you want to view current enrollments, and click Manage Enrollments at the top of the page.

    The Manage Enrollments page for the selected program or course appears. The left pane shows all of the available, active users and groups (so you can easily add them to the learning program if needed). By default, the right pane shows the Groups tab as active, which lists the groups that are currently enrolled. Be aware that while subgroups of a group are not shown, they are implicitly enrolled in the program or course as well.

    A Green check mark icon that indicates a My Plan entry exits for a learning program or Live Learning course under the My Plan column for a group indicates that the members of the group have an administrator-created My Plan entry for the given learning program or course.

    Manage Enrollments page showing a sample learning program

  3. If you want to view the list of users who are enrolled individually (either by themselves or by an administrator) instead of due to membership in a group that is enrolled, click the Users tab.
  4. If desired, you can modify the presentation of the data in the Current Enrollments pane:
    • To sort the users or groups using a different attribute, click the corresponding column header. You can also change the sort order (ascending or descending) by clicking the column header again or by clicking the down arrow and selecting Ascending or Descending from the context menu that appears.

      Note: Many of the columns on the Current Enrollments pane allow you to apply a filter, so that only the groups or users that meet the filtering criterion display. For example, on the Users tab, you can apply a filter to the Status column so that only users with a particular status are shown.

    • To apply a filter to a column, click down arrow on column header in Current Enrollments pane (down arrow) on the right end of the column header, select Filters, and then apply the filter. If it is a text filter, enter the text string that all items must match exactly, and press Enter. Text filters are not case-sensitive, and they do not support wild cards (*). If it is a multi-select filter, such as that for Status, select the appropriate check boxes, and press Enter. You can apply filters to multiple columns.

      You can easily determine if a column has a filter applied because its header is displayed in bold and italics, as shown below.

      Current Enrollments pane showing filtering controls in use