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RUM v1.3.3

Changes and Modifications

  • Added support for the SmartForce Classic and E3 players. RUM can now upload offline results from these players, in conjunction with a compatible version of the SCM.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed an error message related to duplicate results. Previously, RUM logged the following message when a duplicate set of results was uploaded:

    Error: Duplicate results. Results in LMS have same date as offline results. Results will not be loaded. Failed to upload results.

    This was reported as an error, so the results file was never moved to the [Completed] folder. This event is not a true error, so the message has been changed:

    Note: Results for this course have not changed. Therefore, they have not been uploaded.

    The results file is now moved to the [Completed] folder when applicable.

Known Issues

  • The SCM may export a set of e3 player results that will be rejected by SkillPort when uploading via RUM. This occurs when a learner has started an e3 course, hit the Start Test button, and then exits before answering any questions. The LMS rejects such results and display the following error in the status log:

    Error: Cannot determine if results are OK to load. Results will not be loaded. Failed to upload results.


    Manually move the zip file from the results folder to the complete folder.

  • Once logged into RUM, you may see the following error message when attempting to submit results to skillport if their login session has timed out:

    Request cannot be processed, the session admin-xxxxxxxxx is no longer valid. Please relogin. If this problem persists then see your training manager (cmd=XAction).


    If you see this error message, exit, restart the application, and then resubmit the results.