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Copy an Evaluation

Many evaluations will reuse questions from other evaluations. Rather than creating each evaluation from scratch, you can customize existing evaluations by copying, modifying, and renaming them, saving time and retaining consistency throughout your evaluations.

To copy an evaluation

  1. Click Content > Evaluations on the navigation bar.

    The Evaluation Manager page appears.

  2. Select an evaluation from the list.
  3. Click Copy.

    The Copy Evaluation window appears. By default, the Title displays as Copy of <selected evaluation name>.

  4. Enter the following information:




    (Required) Enter a title for the evaluation. The maximum length is 255 characters.

    Internal Notes

    Enter any internal information for the administrator. This text is not visible to the user. The maximum length is 4,000 characters.


    Select the language to display the evaluation in to users.

  5. If desired, edit or reorder the questions in the evaluation:
    • Edit the individual questions in the evaluation.
    • Reorder the questions by dragging them into the desired order.
  6. Click Save.

    A message appears stating the evaluation has been successfully saved.

  7. Click Exit.

    The new evaluation displays in the list on the Evaluation Manager page.

  8. Link the evaluation to one or more learning assets.