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Login Page

Login page showing customizable areas

1. Banner Logo

The banner graphic can be replaced with a custom graphic.

2. Welcome to Skillport Splash Logo

The splash logo can be replaced with a custom graphic.

3. Welcome Message

The welcome message can be modified or removed completely.

4. Assistive Technology Link

Web Accessibility is Skillsoft's implementation of Section 508 compliance standard, which allows learners with disabilities to utilize information on a computer. If enabled on your site, the Assistive Technology link is right justified at the top of the login page. To enable this feature, consult your Skillsoft representative.

5. Labels for Login Fields

The login and password labels can be modified.

6. Forgot Your User ID / Forgot Your Password

Links to enable users to retrieve their user IDs and/or passwords can be added to the login page. Depending on how Skillport is configured, one or more of the following options may apply:

  • The system can automatically email the learner’s user ID.
  • The system can prompt the learner to answer a security question.
  • The system can automatically change the password and email it to the learner.

To enable these features, consult your Skillsoft representative.

7. Disclaimer Text

A disclaimer text message can be enabled on the login and/or registration page. To successfully login, a learner must click the disclaimer check box.

The text for this message is configurable.

8. Copyright Notice

The text color of the copyright notice can be changed. The copyright notice always appears centered at the bottom of the Skillport login page. The text is not configurable and cannot be removed.

9. Self-registration Fields / Group List

A link to enable users to register themselves can be added. The fields and labels on the registration form can be modified. Drop-down lists on the form can display groups in your organization's group hierarchy.

Pop-Up Messages (Not Shown)

A custom pop-up message can be added, such that the learner must acknowledge it before logging in.