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Certificate of Completion Graphics

Learners can print a certificate of completion when they complete a course, and administrators can print a learner’s certificate of completion once she completes a learning program.

The top and bottom graphics of the certificate can be replaced, but the wording cannot be changed. You can, however, modify the text font, font size, and color using a cascading style sheet (CSS). Contact your learning consultant for assistance on customizing the certificate text.

Example certificate of completion showing customizable areas

Advanced Groups and Certificates

A unique certificate of completion can be created for each advanced group in SkillPort. For example, if your company has an advanced group configured for a special purpose (such as project management), separate graphics can be applied to the certificate settings for that advanced group. Only the members of that advanced group will see the alternate certificate graphics. This feature is useful when working with programs that have a special brand or purpose.

The style sheet (certificate font, font size, and color) is a global site setting and cannot vary between advanced groups.

Localization of Certificates

By default, certificate text displays in the language configured in the learner's My Profile. However, the exception to this is the course title, which is determined by the actual course that was completed and will display exactly as that course title appears in the course catalog.

If an administrator has configured a language UI setting for an advanced group, the learner's My Profile reflects that setting and the certificate text also defaults to that language.