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Additional Deployment Options

The following additional options are also available. To enable these options, consult your Skillsoft representative.

Dialogue Live Virtual Classroom

This option adds the capability of Dialogue Live Virtual Classroom providing the ability to run blended learning training events for 25 students integrated with the Learning Management System (LMS) capability that the Skillport platform already offers.


You can allow the learner to change his password by enabling this option.

Password Security Settings

You can enhance password security settings as follows:

  • Enforce strong passwords (for example, minimum length and valid characters)
  • Specify the length of time before a password expires
  • Specify whether a failed login attempt leads to an account lockout
  • Specify how users can retrieve forgotten user IDs or passwords

Customer Support Message

The Customer Support Message displays customer-specific support information and is used within error and/or warning messages. The Skillsoft Customer Support information is displayed by default.

The Customer Support Message is displayed in the following areas:

  • Deactivated Users page
  • Locked User page
  • Reset Password page
  • Send User ID

Note that the setting is site-wide; it cannot be customized differently for advanced groups.