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Change a Due Date or Reminder

You can edit the following aspects of learning assets that you have added to MY PLAN:

  • The due date.
  • Whether you should be emailed a one-time or recurring reminder about the asset, and, if so, when. The reminder e-mail contains direct links to the asset itself and to its summary page.
  • The goal.

If you are only using the learning asset for reference, you do not need to set the due date and goal.

Note: You cannot edit the due date or goal of a learning asset that was assigned to you by your manager or training administrator. However, if the administrator has not set a reminder for the asset, you can specify one yourself. Be aware that an administrator can force a reminder (and override yours if you have set one up) for administrator-assigned assets.

To change the due date or reminder for a learning asset

  1. Click MY PLAN on the left navigation panel.
  2. Navigate to the learning asset that you want to edit.
  3. Hover your mouse over the asset's title, and then click the Show Details link that appears.
  4. Click Icon for editing an asset's settings in MY PLAN.
  5. In the Edit My Plan dialog box, edit the learning asset as needed.
  6. Click OK.