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Assign an Asset to Users' Development Plan Folders

To add a learning asset to the Development Plan

  1. In Skillport, click Admin at the top right of the page. The Skillport Administrator home page appears.
  2. Click Assign learning resources to a user or group. The User Management page appears.
  3. In the Users and Groups pane, navigate to the user whose Development Plan you want to modify.
  4. In the right pane, click the Dev Plan Assignment tab.
  5. Click Edit Individual Assignments. The Development Plan Assigner dialog appears:

    Development Plan Assigner

  6. Find a learning asset by browsing the CATALOG or by searching for a word or phrase using SEARCH&LEARN™.
  7. Click the asset you want to add to the user's MY PLAN.
  8. In the right pane, click the folder that you want to add the asset to.
  9. Click . The Add to Development Plan dialog appears:

    Add to Development Plan Dialog

  10. Enter a Goal that describes the objective you want the user to achieve from the learning asset.
  11. If applicable, select a Due Date from the calendar.
  12. If applicable, set a Reminder to have a one-time or recurring email sent to the user automatically.

    Note: If you set a reminder, you must also enter the number of days before the asset's due date to send the initial or one-time reminder email. The reminder e-mail contains direct links to the asset itself and to its summary page.

  13. If applicable, select Check box - Selected Required.

    Note: This setting does not affect the behavior of application; it is used for reporting. It differentiates required assets from optional ones.

  14. Optionally, select Check box - Selected Overdue notices to send weekly email reminders if the asset is not completed by the specified Due Date.
  15. Click OK. The asset displays in the user's Development Plan folder in MY PLAN and is automatically in an approved state.