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Approve or Deny a Development Plan

When a user adds an asset to the Development Plan folder, the folder is in a Pending state. The user can then click Request Approval to send the folder contents to the Approval Manager for review and approval or denial.

To review, approve or deny a Development Plan request

  1. Log in to Skillport.
  2. Click My Approvals on the left navigation panel, or click Approval Manager in the top right corner. The Approval Manager screen appears:


  3. Locate the Development Plan you want to approve or deny.

    Note: Once you approve or deny a Development Plan, it cannot be undone. Be sure you select the correct request PRIOR to continuing.

  4. Click Approve or Deny icon. The Development Plan Request window appears.
  5. If applicable, review the learner's note.

    Note: If a learner's note exceeds the space restraints in a window, an ellipsis (...) appears at the end of the viewable text. To see the learner's note in its entirety, hover your mouse over the ellipsis and the full text appears in a pop-up window.

  6. If applicable, enter notes to the user.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Click Approve to approve the Development Plan.
    • Click Deny to deny the Development Plan. The user must remove the asset(s) from the Development Plan.
    • Click Cancel to close the Request window without approving or denying the Development Plan.
  8. To view any request in your Approval Manager screen, click the View button.

    Note: Once a request is approved, you can click View Development Plan icon to view the learner's Development Plan.